Chairs, Chief Executives and Senior Executives of modern organisations face unprecedented challenges in their complex and often ambiguous roles. Many of these challenges are people and leadership centred and can prove to be intractable, personally demanding and stressful. Advice and support are not easily or appropriately garnered from colleagues, partners or friends.  

Focused around these sensitive people issues, we help clients address questions that are often ignored, avoided or remain unresolved.


Examples can include: 


•    On-boarding to a new senior appointment

•    Executive evaluation and organisation structure

•    Board/Advisory Board effectiveness, integration and succession

•    Reputational and emotional aspects of a crisis

•    Career Transition or Outplacement


Turner Felix’s aim, as trusted advisors, is to listen and provide a sounding board to address such challenges. With total discretion assured we offer a ‘release valve’ and guidance to highly pressured people, which can contribute to the quality of their decision-making, relationship management and success. 

Regarded as ‘safe space’ by clients, Turner Felix agree an agenda of issues, both professional and where appropriate personal, on which to focus. 

Our offering is peer group counselling or mentoring based upon years of experience in assessing many hundreds of top executives in a wide range of industries.

Turner Felix Associates act on a retained contract for a specific project or on an on-going basis. Confidential meetings or telephone conversations are arranged for as often and as long as required. We work in tandem in order to maximise support, continuity and availability.