Director-General, major UK trade organisation:

"As CEO of one of the UK’s leading trade federations I have quickly come to trust Turner Felix's judgement. I am now working with them during a period of extensive change and re-organisation at both our Board and Executive level. Having external, impartial commentary, advice and mentoring I find invaluable, enabling me to sound out approaches and initiatives before and during implementation."

Group Managing Director - designate, leading UK food producer:

"Any  journey of change and development can be a daunting and potentially lonely prospect.  Turner Felix have been able to give me confidence through candid but constructive feedback, as well as specific guidance and advice that relates to our business and my circumstances.  Mentoring or coaching wasn’t something I thought I wanted or needed; I am now clear that with the help of Turner Felix, it is going to be fundamental to my, and the business's, success."